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I recently found out that as we age we loose much of our oxygen source. This year I've been so tired and that was the reason why come to find out. I began taking organic-sulfur-crystals 3 weeks ago and I cant believe the energy I have again. It's bitter tasting but the honey neutralizes it and I drink it every morning and evening now.

Justina FB, Washington, MI

It is my strong feeling that this ubiquinol product is a major breakthrough. I have carefully reviewed our experience with ubiquinol beginning last summer when we initially evaluated this product in healthy subjects. I will briefly summarize this as follows: In September 2006, a healthy 52 years old woman on 100 mg three times per day of CoQ10 oxidized formulation in soybean oil, plasma CoQ10 level was 2.5 µg/ml with 0.7% oxidized and the ratio of CoQ10 to cholesterol was 0.5 µmol/mmol. After one month of taking ubiquinol 100 mg three times per day, plasma was rechecked in October 2006, and had more than doubled to 5.2 µg/ml with 0.5% oxidized, and C CoQ10 to cholesterol ratio had essentially doubled up to 1.1 µmol/mmol. This very encouraging improvement in plasma level in healthy individuals led us to further evaluate the reduced CoQ10 product in other populations.

Peter H. Langsjoen, MD, FACC

Using ubiquinol, I’ve noticed a pronounced enhancement to my concentration, energy-level and overall well-being. I’m able to get more work done and still have energy for my family.

Trevor W., 42 years old Houston, Texas

I am 54 years old and I feel like I am in my early 40s and I truly believe this is due to my taking Ubiquinol I will definitely continue to take it to improve not only my life but my lifespan.

Virginia V., 54 years old Fayetteville, NC

Last fall after my annual, my MD told me I was getting close to statins due to my bloodwork. So we retested 6 months later. I added your organic sulfur and ubiquinol. 10/12 2/13 TOT CHOL 228 167 LDL 166 130 HDL 35 42 BP 120/80 100/70 LBS 232 206 Cheers, Duane

Duane - Scotsdale, AZ

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your extremely beautiful caring and patience, with my friend Jeanine, on the phone yesterday, on your day off and you called her!
You are a model of service, truly.

I believe it is quite possible that the product you are selling her and your responsiveness will change the entire direction of her life. She has relied on an extremely fearful daughter who pushed her to consult Drs. for everything... but this time, after multiple impersonal medical clinics, unnecessary and costly invasive testings, she was misdiagnosed and they admitted eventually, it was just arthritis.
After your call, she decided to take her power back and let the organic sulfur carry her. She feels really good about this choice. She will stick with it. I'll remind her no chlorine and to take vit C.

The clarity you offer everyone, honors and if allowed, can forward people, in ways they and you may never know.

In appreciation,
Pamela M.

( P.S. I do the Sulfur sub-lingually, taking one and a half to 2t total daily, 1/2 t per time throughout the day. It was quickly fun and easy this way, as I do it on the run, and my energy is many fold, actuallly amazing at times).

Pamela M. , Arizona

I purchased some of your Organic Sulfur for the first time in October. It made a huge difference in myhip pain relief after a few days. I dropped the bag and needed to purchase more quickly. Here is where I made the mistake. I purchased some called 7 Lights Organic Sulfur. I thought all Organic Sulfur was the same. I found out the hard way. The taste was even different and my pain continued. I threw the remaining sulfur away and called bozoomer and order from you. Your product is far better and truly makes a difference. My energy levels are better, I breath better and most importantly, no pain. Thank You. Nov. 2013

Andre, Indianapolis, IN

I had a condition of 4 fibromas on the bottom of my right foot, and I was in a wheelchair for 2 months. Surgery was not an option for me as I'm into self healing and noone was going to be messing with the nerves in my physical energy system. I started taking the bozoomer Organic Sulfur Crystals, and in just 1 weeks time, the fibromas were completely gone!! I stood up on my right foot at the end of that first week, and could literally feel those fibromas disintegrating with each step I took! It was Amazing!!! I had my foot back and I could walk again!! I highly recommend the sulfur crystals...they are very beneficial for our well being!! I not only have increased energy, but have also noticed better circulation, and it is helping to heal my gums and teeth! When we have the proper molecular nutrition that is necessary for our bodies to function properly, we heal and are in our well being!! I Love the sulfur crystals, and I Love how I feel!!! THANK YOU, Michael, for YOU, and all that you do for humanity!! IN JOY, and GRATITUDE GALORE,

Lisa, 54, from Michigan

I choose to shop with you because of the trust in relationship and the quality of the product.

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and, because of that, I am unable to take a lot of products that are out on the market. I have to take pure, organic products without a lot of additives. Your products provide this.

I notice how the Organic Sulfur Crystals make an improvement in the way I feel. Once I went without for a bit and, after getting the new shipment, realize the difference. :)

It is the pureness of the products, the friendly communication between your company and I, and speedy delivery of the products that make me want to do business with you. A lot of times when you call a number that sells products, you get a person with little knowledge on the other end, sometimes from another country... a big turn-off for me.

Friendly, knowledgeable conversion with Customers makes very good business sense and is very much appreciated. It is a pleasure doing business with your Company! :)

Thank-you again and have a Great Day!

(Claudia) Sue H. , Ortonville, MI

I have been using products from bozoomer for a few years now. I believe these products are far superior (in ingredients and in health benefits) than similar products I have found in my local health food store. I am also happy with the prices of these product and with the free shipping on orders over $49 and really fast delivery I believe these products to be the 'best deal in town'

Joanne S. Warren, MI

I have spoken with you on the phone a few times, Michael, and I could really feel your passion and your care for Humanity's well-being. This email from you, is another shining example! Thank you for You, and everyone there at bozoomer!! My whole family and I are supportive of bozoomers, holistic supplements because they ARE truly Amazing!! It is not only important to us, but essential, to provide our whole energy system with the proper nutrition necessary for great health and well-being. I have done a lot of research on supplements, and I prefer and resonate with organic/naturals and live cell food versus artificial or synthetic. It is the overall balance and well being in how I feel that reveals it All!! I have found your supplements to be the most beneficial supplements available!! My whole family can truly feel the difference, healing takes place, and vitality returns!! I highly recommend what Bozoomer offers - to others as well, especially during these times when it is difficult to receive proper nutrition! Awareness is key, and I am very grateful for yours, Michael!!...right along with the supplements that you have made available for All of us!! We will surely continue to use/ingest these supplements and give our whole heart of support!! THANKS AGAIN for You, and All that you Do for Humanity's health and well-being!! We are feeling GOOD!! :) Much Love and a Huge Heart-Hug to Everyone at Bozoomer! In Gratitude Galore,

Lisa C. Kalamazoo, MI

I came across your site several months ago as I was initially ordering my Organic Sulfur Crystals from a Radio show up in Canada. After comparing the quality of both , it appeared that your company had a wonderful brand . So, I continue to order from you. Very happy.

Deborah G. PhD, AZ

Regarding your Newsletter
I LOVE This!!...LOVE You!!...and LOVE to All!!
Thank You for You and All that you Do!!

Lisa, MI

Just wanted to thank you again for your personalized service!!

Matt P. Florida

Thank you so much for sending me Organic Sulfur Crystals to fight off my MRSA. Dr. Deborah, from Phenomenal Water, informed me that you offered to send this to help oxygenate my cells. Since I doubled up on the Phenomenal water, added Pure Silver, and started your Organic Sulfur the boils and sores on my face are almost completely gone for the first time in years. I have been eating only vegetables, eggs, and organic meats and drink only water for the last four months. My immune system is improving slowly, but surely and I am getting more strength back each day. I will recommend your products to my family and friends. Your generosity was greatly appreciated.

Judy D - Michigan

Hi Michael,

Re:  Wonderful results beyond expectations using bozoomer Pure Organic Sulfur
My wife and I traveled to MI because her mother had fallen and injured her back ... Her Doctor has suggested that she take Pure Organic Sulfur to assist in the healing process as she had much inflammation around the injury ... The product worked very quickly and we were surprised at the results ... Within two weeks the inflammation was gone and her serious injury was healed.

When we got back home to Ohio I decided to do a little research on this product ... It intrigued me about the transporting of oxygen to renew the cells that have died ... Shortly thereafter we ordered the Pure Organic Sulfur, the Vitamin C & the Just 3 Supplements to take ... 

Well I am happy to say that our personal results are FANTASTIC!!! ... I have been taking the product for eight months ... I am 56 years old and have had high blood sugar for years and years ... This has taken a toll on my body in my lower legs and ankles ... If you would look at them before I started they looked "beet" red (the color of the vegetable) or it looked as if there was dried blood just under my skin ... It looked terrible and my doctors said there was absolutely nothing we could do to change this ... Not true!

I started to take the Pure Organic Sulfur and in about two weeks I could see that the redness (dead blood cells) were reducing as the area of damage was starting to get smaller ... So over the course of these months taking the product, these cell are being renewed and my skin has returned to normal skin that one would expect to have ... ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!! ... JUST WONDERFUL!!!

Additionally, I have not had to take an allergy tablet in this time (I used to take one every day) and of course my energy level is much better and the joints are no longer achy! ... So if one were to ask, is the juice worth the squeeze or is the risk of taking the product worth the gain? --- Our answer is 100% ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT RESERVATION, YES!!!

We take the product with filtered water (a Brita Filter Pitcher) that we leave on our kitchen counter to have at room temperature ... When mixing the product we stir it and let it totally dissolve for about five minutes and find when the product is totally dissolved has NO bitter taste at all (and if you use cold water it take much longer to dissolve).

I apologize that the message is a bit long, however I find there is no other way to share this with you other than to spell it out.

Thank you so very much ... Blessings to you and your family! ... 

Go bozoomer!!!!!!!

Daniel - Mason, OH

Dear Bozoomer Customer Service

Thank you very much for your efficient and kind customer service.

Kind regards

Rosemary J. Harbor City, CA


I wanted to tell you that my results as of this date 12/2/15 have been something beyond my wildest dreams, from all that I have told or from my own usage of the Organic Sulfur and your vitamin C-1000 mixed with the phenomenal water has given me results that Doctors could nowhere come close to. At this time with just my results for my 90 year old mother, in the area of creatinine she is at 1.3 and BUN level is at 35 now, this is at a levels that was at 73 BUN and creatinine of 2.1 just 4 weeks ago.

She has never been this low in these numbers for as longs as I can remember, and the legs have never stayed small from the knees to the feet from swelling, with only 16 Fl Oz's of mixed water taken, that’s the amazing thing to me, I push for 44 to 64 Fl. Oz's of water but are lucky to get 32 Fl Oz's and it still keeps the level at low rates, and this is with 2-Gal water, 8 oz's phenomenal water and 2 tbs sulfur.

I would like to see what happens when I add your two other products that you recommended. You should see the results for the family member that had the stroke, sure showed my sister in law that I had something that works for many cases, so far I have helped friends with diabetes, stroke and cellulitis infection from Candida infections and water retention problems. Thanks to Doctor Gray, and you I have a winning, combination which can help so many who suffer and are not being taken care of by normal western medicine. Thank You.
P.S you can reprint this if you like, if it inspires other to look beyond and out of the box.

Tim M Clovis CA

I appreciate all of the information you sent! I think the page that spoke to me the most was the list of 12 foods that help prevent clogged arteries.

The changes in my body have been miraculous, I can convince others about your product. I feel that if I can hand others a hard copy of the things your Sulfur Crystals help with, that people will want to try it.

I still have struggles, but most days my medications have been cut almost in half. The migraines are practically gone. My feet pain is almost nill. My hip hardly hurts. My carpal tunnel is minimal. My pain from spondelosis and spondylothesis are greatly reduced. The horrible pain in my leg that nothing has helped take away in 7 yrs  is GONE!!!! The sores I was getting on my face are GONE!!!!!!!!  Am not reacting to the certain foods like i used to. I'm certain that the crystals have begun turning back the clock on the aging process because I am beginning to look younger.

For many years, I was so exhausted that the only way to describe it was that it felt like I was slowly dying. I am sure that the level of pain I was in year after year after year played a role in that, but I honestly felt like my body was slowly dying. I no longer have that feeling. When I'm able to keep up with the Sulfur Crystals I'm finding that my body feels alive. It's like the cells inside of me are starting to wake up again. Just amazing!!!

So you see Michael, my life has been changed! I thank God for leading me to you!! I pray for you and your business that many blessings would be upon you.

Thank you so much

Erin R, Bellingham WA


I wanted to acknowledge my recent sulfur order. Thank you so much! I am truly touched. I was briefly trying out products from - - - - - - - - - - -, and thought I'd check out their Organic Sulfur, but I really think it pales in comparison to yours, so I'm back. I even felt like a trader for taking a bozoomer hiatus, and in turn have gotten some new customers for you. Many thanks and brightest blessings again Michael and all at bozoomer. I have not been sick for about two years now, and I feel that since the sulfur keeps my body in homeostasis it has also mitigated the ill effects of the immunizations I am required to have for clinicals at my nursing school I'm truly grateful. This is a late in life career change for me, and now that I'm in my forties I need to continue to take extra good care of myself, so cannot gush over the benefits of OS enough. I also want to do my presentation for nutrition class on OS, and hopefully I'll get you even more customers. :-)

Love, Light, Gratitude, and Blessings,
Laura G. CA
Oct 18, 2016

Laura G. CA

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