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Arc Roller - My-O-Balls™

Quick Overview

  • The My-O-Balls™ are used as an aid in solving the problems commonly associated with tight and knotted up muscles in the upper and lower extremities (arms and legs/feet) of the human body.

  • The My-O-Balls™ feature BOTH myofascial release and compression simultaneously to provide amazing relief for conditions such as tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, and many many more conditions!

  • The My-O-Balls™ can be used by anybody, anytime, anywhere. It is easy to use, light, extremely affordable, durable, and effective in a revolutionary way!

My-O-Ball 5: Ideal for wrists, hands, forearms, elbows biceps, triceps, feet, and calves
My-O-Ball 7: Ideal for knees, quads, hamstrings, IT bands, and shoulders

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Arc Roller - My-O-Balls™ 5

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Arc Roller - My-O-Balls™ 7

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Arc Roller - My-O-Balls™ 5 - Plus Strength

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Arc Roller - My-O-Balls™ 7 - Plus Strength

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Special Price: $29.95

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The M-O-Balls ™act as a self-securing myofascial release device for the arms and the legs, feet and wrists. Simply roll the band full of balls over the desired extremity to the desired position and work as a massage device to release knots, scar tissue, and other sorts of musculo-tendon restrictions and issues.
This patent pending product is far superior to any other device because it provides acupressure, trigger point, self myofascial release AND Compression at the same time! Not only does it stay where you want it, but it makes rolling much much easier to accomplish and desirable to the user.

Other devices that are made for rolling extremities are either too expensive, too cumbersome, too challenging to use, or too painful to use for noticeable effects, and the majority of users drift from their rehab program quickly due to inadequate resources…..
The My-O-Balls™ can be used by anybody, anytime, anywhere. It is easy to use, light, extremely affordable, durable, and effective in a revolutionary way!

Myofascial Release Basics

Arc Roller - My-O-Balls™ self-securing myofascial release deviceMyofascial release (or MFR) is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. Self myofascial release (or SMFR) refers to someone performing this therapy on them self. This alternative medicine therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles.
Fascia is a thin, tough, elastic type of connective tissue that wraps most structures within the human body, including muscle. Fascia supports and protects these structures. Osteopathic theory proposes that this soft tissue can become restricted due to psychogenic disease, overuse, trauma, infectious agents, or inactivity, often resulting in pain, muscle tension, and corresponding diminished blood flow. Although fascia and its corresponding muscle are the main targets of myofascial release, other tissue may be addressed as well, including other connective tissue.


Ischemic compression

Ischemic compression is a therapy technique used in physical therapy, where blockage of blood in an area of the body is deliberately made, so that a resurgence of local blood flow will occur upon release.
Ischemic compression is commonly applied to trigger points, in what is known as trigger point therapy, where enough sustained pressure is applied to a trigger point with a tolerable amount of pain, and as discomfort is reduced, additional pressure is gradually given.

Arc Roller - My-O-Balls™ leg self-securing myofascial release device bozoomer

Trigger Points

Myofascial trigger points, also known as trigger points, trigger sites, or muscle knots, are hyperirritable spots in the fascia surrounding skeletal muscle. They are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers.

The trigger point model states that unexplained pain frequently radiates from these points of local tenderness to broader areas, sometimes distant from the trigger point itself. Practitioners claim to have identified reliable referred pain patterns which associate pain in one location with trigger points elsewhere.
Compression of a trigger point may elicit local tenderness, referred pain, or local twitch response. The local twitch response is not the same as a muscle spasm. This is because a muscle spasm refers to the entire muscle contracting whereas the local twitch response also refers to the entire muscle but only involves a small twitch, no contraction.

Arc Roller - My-O-Balls™ self-securing myofascial release device bozoomer foot

Among physicians, many specialists are well versed in trigger point diagnosis and therapy. These include physiatrists (physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation), family medicine, and orthopedics. Osteopathic as well as chiropractic schools also include trigger points in their training.[3] Other health professionals, such as athletic trainers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and structural integrators are also aware of these ideas and many of them make use of trigger points in their clinical work as well.

A healthcare provider should be consulted before you begin any myofascial release program. Safety Precautions: The My-O-Balls™ are not toys. Keep away from children under the age of 12 years old. My-O-Balls are designed to be used ONLY as detailed in this instruction manual. Use of the My-O-Balls in any other way is the sole liability of the user. Do not use on head or neck. The My-O-Balls are not meant or designed to cure, treat, or heal any disease or illness.

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