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Cell / DNA Support

Cancer can be any of many different conditions where the dody’s cells duplicate and grow uncontrollably, invade healthy tissues, and possibly spread throughout the body. It is estimated that 95% of cancers result from damage to DNA during a person’s lifetime rather than from a preexisting genetic condition. The most important factor leading to this DNA damage is DNA mutation. DNA mutation can be caused by radiation, environmental chemicals we take into our bodies, free radical damage. If the body is working properly, it can correct these mutations either by repairing the DNA or by causing the mutated cell to die. When a cell wall thickens, oxygen cannot get in. Cells also divide, making duplicate cells. If the cell is diseased, new diseased cells will be made. When we stop the mutation of the diseased cells, we stop the disease.

Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals
Prostate Nutrition Pro
Vitamin C-1000 complex
Whey Protein-26 Isolate
Essential Oils – AIT Frankincense, AT Lavender, ATI Lemon

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